Hospitality Committees

Staff Appreciation: Plans monthly meals for staff, snacks at some staff meetings, and all of the events surrounding Teacher Appreciation Week.

Student Led Conferences: Provides food for the teachers and staff on the twice-annual Student Led Conferencing afternoons/evenings.

Campus Beautification: Periodically maintain the school grounds and includes the students throughout the projects.  This program will return for the 2017-2018 school year.

5th Grade Celebration: Create and host a celebration to follow the end of the year 5th Grade Assembly.

New Family Outreach/Kindergarten Playdates & Picnics: Several playdates and a picnic are held before the beginning of school to allow incoming kindergarten students and older magnet students and their parents to meet one another.

Tissue Tea: A “coffee” for new kindergarten parents held the morning of the first full day of school for the kindergarteners.

School Picnic: Organize the spring picnic during the school year to allow the Brooks community to meet in a social environment. Vendors sell food or families may bring a picnic.

Special Occasions: Activities include purchasing food for new staff training and end of year banquet, and gift cards for teachers upon engagement, new baby and retirement announcement.